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Iíve put the following pages together after several requests.. The majority of the following pages are sized for use in the VIP ..BUT NOT ALL.. There will be many many more of these misc. pages to come ..as well as my own work ..so please ..be patient..and check back often ~smiles~~~..
:::::: The following images are NOT my creations.. They were all found online and sized for use in chat !! ::::::



The pages below contain many of the same icons as the pages above ..as well as many different ones ..the images on these pages contain gif, png and jpg format all around 20k in size .. these larger file sizes are posted for chatters that use both DarkHearts.net and PalladiumChat.com..


Below is a collection of pages filled with Display Pictures for MSN.. Some of these I saved myself, some were given to me by others ..NONE of these were made/sized by me.. Enjoy!



These are a collection of SiGnZ and other funniez Iíve found along the way ...I made and sized all of the images on these pages.. They are all 100x100 pixel JPEG images ..sized for Display pictures on msn ...but feel free to resize them for Chat if you so wish ..