.. For those of you that have been here before .. you will note a lot of changes .. besides this wicked new layout !! ~smiles~ that I only successfully got together with SkeletonMans help ~winx~~ thank you again babe ..
.. For those of you that havnít been here before .. you will find some junk about me .. a collection of my writing/poetry .. a wide variety of images I have both painted myself and/or saved sum where along the lines on the net .. thereís sum good links .. sum great freaks ~winx~@all of you .. and I am always open to suggestions .. so feel free to add me to your bookmarks and check back often .. things are always changing!! ..
.. OH!.. and please checkout the guest book .. leave your mark on my world ~smiles~ ..

Well, as I promised thingz are changing and coming back together .. s-l-o-w-l-y ..~laughs~..Thingz have been hella hectic for me lately with both life and work.. and work meaning money means work comes first ~L~ site and all the wonderful thingz I do for you beautiez sadly getz bumped to the back burner.. HOWEVER the sincere request of several people I have changed the order of my updates ..there are now some Icons and MSN Display Pictures posted for your use..and of course there is ALOT more still to come ..My Fellow Freaks Page is still under constrction and will still be down for awhile.. as will be my Poetry Archive..I apologise for this and ask again that you all remain patient as these changes come together ..
- Sunday Sept 19 04

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